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Welcome to the Waiuku Pistol Club

The Club has reopened


As a reminder, The Club is open from 10am - 4pm Wednesday to Sunday for WPC Members.


Please Click here to view the WPC Covid-19 Safety Plan


Waiuku Pistol Club Level 2 Alert conditions


Reminder notices are in the Clubhouse and on all ranges.


1. The Club is open for Members only there will be no visitors or guests until further notice


2. Sign in / out book

You must sign in immediately on arrival at the range: note your arrival time

Sign out when you leave and note your departure time.

You will also need to record which ranges you were on.

It is important every member signs in and out to help with contact tracing if necessary.

The range register has been updated with columns for this.

There will be hand sanitizer at the sign in desk to use when you sign in. Please bring your own pen.


3. Travelers

If you or anyone in your ‘bubble’ have travelled overseas in the past month do not come to the club until you, or anyone in your bubble who has travelled, have completed at least 14 days isolation and are symptom free.


4. Symptoms & Health

Do not come to the Club if you or anyone in your bubble, have any cold or flu symptoms.

There are no age restrictions for members attending but obviously if you have any health condition that means you are vulnerable you should think carefully about the risk.


5. Physical Distancing

As per Government guidelines for Level 2 there is to be a maximum of 10 people on a range at once. Observe a minimum of 1 metre physical spacing at all times and do not handle any another person’s equipment.

The only exception to this will be if you are Range Officer for other shooters and you need to look at their guns to clear them. Try at all times to do this in a way that does not involve handling the gun.


The maximum of 10 and requirement for 1 metre distancing mean we could end up with people waiting to get on a range.  If this happens, please get on and enjoy your shooting then pack up and make space for others. Don’t stand around and chat on the range, if you want to catch up with mates do it outside.


7. Hygiene.

Surfaces in the Club House will be sanitized regularly and there will be hand sanitizer on each range. Please use this when you enter the range before you touch any surfaces.

Toilets and hand basins will be cleaned and sanitized regularly and kept stocked with liquid soap and paper towels.

We recommend you also bring your own hand sanitizer and towel.

Aside from paper towels and used targets etc from the ranges,  please take all of your personal rubbish (food, wrappers, drink containers etc.), home for disposal.


8. PPE

Feel free to wear your own PPE (gloves, masks) if you want.


9. Suspected Exposure to Covid 19

In the unlikely event you think you may have been exposed to Covid 19 and have attended the Club, contact Vice President Paul,  immediately so we can notify Healthline and begin contact tracing. Obviously, notify your own Doctor and or Healthline as well.




Waiuku Pistol Club has been in existence for over 30 years at the same site. It is just about the only club in the greater Auckland area where members can fire their rifles, shotguns and pistols leisurely; or in competition. It is a pleasant 1 hour drive from downtown Auckland and is situated in a secluded and picturesque part of Waiuku close to the sea.  


We have 5 unique ranges from 25m to 100m. All ranges are certified by the NZ Police & Pistol NZ for rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting in accordance with the Range Standing Orders - which must be strictly complied with.


We operate under a Resource Consent which enables the club to be open to members from 10 am to 4 pm Wednesday to Sunday, excluding Public Holidays.

The club has over 500 members many of whom have a wealth of knowledge of firearms and are happy to provide guidance to any shooter who may have a problem with a firearm or wish to improve their shooting skills.


If you do not currently have a firearms license but want to learn, we can take you from A to Z in shooting.

Shooting is a safe sport providing you follow some simple rules. It is a sport that you can participate in all your life. We have members from age 12 through to 99 (well, not quite but some of them look it!). We also have a number of families as members who shoot as a family group.




We are a family friendly club welcoming all standards, from experts through to beginners.

To find out more about our membership offering and how to join, please click on this membership link or alternatively follow the Membership dropdown menu above.



an aerial overview of the club


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