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WPC Currently Closed due to Level 4 Lockdown

The Club is currently closed until further notice due to the level 4 lockdown. Do not travel to the club during this time, Keep and eye out on the website and the facebook page for updates.


IPSC and Speed Steel Results

The best way to keep up to date with the IPSC and Speed Steel scores is to join the club's closed facebook page and view the results on the practiscore links posted after each match. Practiscore allows you to see the results broken down from Combined, to Stage by stage, Division by division and grade by grade, but due to sometimes the score sheets containing members full names, they are not posted to the public website.


Rifle Shooting

The WPC Long gun section shoot almost every Saturday during the year. If you are interested in long gun shooting, check the schedule, pack up the car and head out. Most Saturdays there will be something on, whether it be shotgun, rifle or rimfire.


Latest Newsletter

The latest club newsletter is Available, Click here to view it.


Speed Steel Challenge

From what I have seen from the recent scores coming through from the Steel Challenge (Speed Steel) Guys, the section is getting more and more popular. Great to see Ladies and Gents. Never shot it before ? 5 steel targets with a 'stop plate' to stop the timer, get out there and give it a go, the next Speed Steel day is on Sunday the 4th of July. Turn up around 9:30 and find the RO. - To find out more about the speed steel challenge, Click here


Facebook Page

Just a reminder also about the Club Facebook page - If you haven't joined yet, click the link and provide your name and membership number and I will add you to the page, It is a great source for live information and the scores for events such as IPSC and Speedsteel that use practiscore are normally live at the end of the event now that we have an internet connection at the club. - Cheers, Matt


Range Standing Order Survey

All members should have received an email regarding the Range Standing Orders Survey. The Committee have been discussing ways to get all members, New and existing to do a refresher induction course, However with 500+ members we acknowledge it would be impossible to expect every member to come to the clubhouse and do an induction refresher so we are opting for an online version instead. With Club renewal subscriptions about to be sent out we need you ALL to complete the survey prior to 2021-2022 membership cards being issued. This is not an optional request.

To refresh your knowledge on the Range Standing Orders you may Click Here

Please Click Here to complete the survey


Club News

Our very own IPSC section director Dave B featured recently in the Elocal Magazine, A great Ambassador for the sport and club. Click here to link to the article.


Latest Newsletter

Click here to view the latest Newsletter


New Electronic Sign in System

The system is operating well. There is still a manual system available.

NOTE: the card system for pistol shooters will not be used after 30 June so we suggest you get used to using the electronic system.

Some extra information:

1. There is now a confirmation on the main screen to indicate successful sign in – out

2. You must sign in AND sign out for your visit to be recorded

3. For pistol shooters if you don’t do both then the record won’t count towards your 12 annual shoots

4. Guests/Visitors labels must be worn. If the printer doesn’t print a label just press the printer’s On/Off button

5. Guests are the friend(s) you bring with you and are $20 each. Maximum of 2 per member.

6. Visitors are non-members who come for the organised shoot on Saturday afternoon on R1 and are

$40 each.


The Latest Centerfire Rifle and Service Pistol Results are up

Click on this link to view


The Latest FBI Shoot results are up

Click on this link to view


IPSC and Speed Steel Club Champs

We have recently had the speed steel and IPSC Club champs. Check the results page for more info.


XMAS Shoot and BBQ

On the 12th of December there will be a Xmas .22 shoot and a BBQ. If you are planning to come Contact


Subject to Level 1 guidelines, we are now operating as usual

Our shooting schedule has resumed - see updated schedule.

COVID 19 Level 1 Guidelines:

Contact tracing


You must ALWAYS sign in and out, Regardless of Covid Levels. So Please continue to fill in the register at arrival and when leaving, Including the ranges you shoot on and your round count.

Health and Hygiene Guidelines

· Stay at home if you are sick

· Don’t come to the club if you have been in contact with anyone else who has returned from overseas in the past 14 days

· Cough or sneeze into your elbow

· Wash or sanitize your hands often

· Regular cleaning and sanitizing in the clubroom and toilets will continue

· It is up to you if you want to wear a mask


Please Click here to view the WPC Covid-19 Safety Plan


  • Next Working Bee - June 27th - More Details Click Here.






If you are heading to the range and the weather is uncertain, make a point of checking here or on facebook first as any cancellations will be posted before 9.00am each day.


There are no cancellations at present.