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Resource Consent Conditions


The club operates under a Resource Consent that requires the club to ensure it meets certain operating conditions. They are;

  • The range is closed on all Mondays and Tuesdays through the year.

  • The hours of operation are from 10.00am to 16.00pm.

  • The range is also closed on all Public Holidays (Statutory Holidays).

  • The noise from firearms must not exceed certain levels on normal operating days.

  • The doors to each range must be kept closed during shooting except when people are entering or exiting the range.

  • All firearms are required to be discharged from under the shooting shelters on normal operating days.

  • The only exception is certain pistols and all .22 firearms which can be discharged downrange in accordance the RSO (Range Standing Orders) for each range.

  • The approved list is currently;

    • All .22 rifles and pistols

    • 9mm pistols

    • 357/38 Spl revolvers

    • .38 Super pistols

    • 40cal pistols

    • 45cal pistols

    • 12g Shotguns

  • Some rifles that are renowned for generating very high levels of noise or short barrel rifles must only be fired through one of the shooting tunnels on range one or two.

  • This includes any rifle with a short barrel or a muzzle break.

  • So the general rule is the larger the calibre, the more likely it is that it can only be discharged through a shooting tunnel. If in doubt, ask. A silencer will usually reduce the noise level to an acceptable level.

  • On normal days the maximum number of shots fired during the day is 4000, excluding all .22 shots.

  • On Special Event days the number increases to 10,000, excluding .22 shots.

  • On 18 days each year (Special Event days), the club is allowed to generate a higher level off noise and this enablescertain rifles and shotguns to be discharged downrange too.

  • The club is required to monitor the noise levels generated regularly to ensure that we comply with the conditions.

  • Penalties for failure to comply are substantial and if you fail to comply you can expect to be suspended from membership and to reinburse the club for any legal costs or penalties imposed on the club by the Council


What is a Special Event day


  • The Resource Consent allows the club 18 Special Event days.

  • These are days where the limitations are relaxed a little.

  • On these days you will see events such as 3gunn and cowboys take place.

  • This is because on these days members are permitted to discharge rifles and shotguns downrange.

  • However all firearms still have to remain below a certain noise limit which is higher than normal on these days.

  • As a rule of thumb, if you have a short barrel, it may not pass the test, so get it tested first before using it.

Dont forget to record the number of rounds you have discharged

  • The RC also requires all members to record the number of rounds you have discharged in the Attendance book next to your name.
  • The reason for this is so that the club can ensure we stay below the maxiumum number of rounds fired each day.
  • Failure to do so is a breach of the RC.