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Safety Courses

The WPC relies upon the Police issuing a FAL only to those people who they have vetted and consider are fit and proper people to own firearms.

However, we know that people have differing standards of firearm handling knowledge and despite the WPC sending to them very detailed instructions upon this subject and how they must conduct themselves on the range, there is no guarantee that they will read it all.

As safety to everyone on the range is paramount to the club, the Committee goes a further step to minimise any risk to members by requiring all new members to attend a safety course every 5 years, or upon application to join the club.

Thus all new members are now required to attend a safety course after they have applied for membership and before they recieve their membership card and range key.

Existing members who have not attended a safety course in the last 5 years will be required to attend a course before 30 June 2021 as their membership will not be renewed until they have done so.

Safety courses are run

  • At 1.00pm every second Sunday of the month and
  • At 1.00pm on every fourth Sunday of the month.

You must make a booking to attend this course through the website as places are limited.

The course is free.