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Joining the Waiuku Pistol Club

Welcome to the Waiuku Pistol Club!  Shooting is a sport in which you can participate in all your life and improve with experience.  Just like playing golf, if you start out with some training by experts, you will become a better shooter than otherwise.  Shooting is not a dangerous sport, providing you always follow the basic rules of shooting.

We offer facilities to shoot rifles, shotguns and pistols on a variety of ranges as well as training in how to use various firearms and improve your results.

If English is not your first language, you must be able to understand basic range commands for safety reasons. You can expect to be tested to ensure that you can respond and undertsand what they mean. If you can not pass this test please do not apply for membership until you can.

Why Join - The Benefits of membership 

  • You have access to the range using your own key - This means that you can come and go as you wish during our opening hours.
  • You can participate in organized shooting.
  • You can shoot at your own pace.
  • You can enroll for pistol training which is free to members.
  • You can learn how to shoot safely and proficiently from other members.
  • You can learn how to maintain firearms.
  • You can learn how to reload your own ammunition.
  • You can have family BBQ’s at the range. 
  • You can even overnight at the range and use the clubroom facilities but you will need to  provide your own sleeping accommodation.

Membership subscriptions 

All new members must pay a Joining fee (see below) $200

- An Annual subscription:

  • Adults under age 60 $250
  • Adults over age 60 $180
  • Families (see note below) $300
  • Associate members (see note below) $150
  • Juniors under age 18 $180 

- Pistol NZ subscriptions (see below) $65
- Range key (see below) $20
Club badge (see below) $5


  • Joining fee - This is a one time fee to process your application.
  • Family subscriptions - This includes the member, spouse and children under age 18.
  • Associate members - These are members of other pistol clubs who also wish to become WPC members.
  • Junior members - Must be under age 18 and have a firearms license.
  • Pistol NZ Subscriptions - These are paid only by pistol members of the WPC, does not apply to Associates.
  • Range key - You are given your own range key which gives to access to all range facilities.
  • Club badge - This badge identifies you as a club member.
  • Firearms license - You do not need to have a firearms license to join the club. However you must apply for one immediately and you will not be provided with a range key until you have your FAL.
  • Minimum Age to Join - 12 yrs or older

How do I apply for membership?

To join the Waiuku Pistol Club please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the REGISTER NOW button in orange below
  2. The 'Registration Options' page will open
  3. Click on the 'View Available Categories' and decide on your membership type (then close this browser window)

  4. Back on the 'Registration Options' page, click on the button marked 'Apply for Membership'
  5. Complete the form (noting that you must Agree to the WPC Terms & Conditions to proceed)
  6. On the 'Category Allocation' page, select your desired membership category

  7. Select 'No discount applicable' (except when adding additional members for a family membership)
  8. Click 'Add another member to this Family Group' to add additional family members for a family membership
  9. Select any options where you would like to help the club, if any

  10. Select any member purchases on the 'Make a Purchase'page
  11. Click the 'CONFIRM Registration' button
  12. Click the 'Make Payment' button to view and print your CH- reference and the club bank account number.

Please pay for your membership dues using internet banking, ensuring you enter the CH- number in the Code field, and your Surname in the Reference field of your payment. Thank you.



Please note that:

All new member applicants must attend a Firearms Safety course before their application will be approved. Courses are run every two weeks and take 90 minutes. 

You should log in and reserve your place through our website.

Once you have attended the course your membership card and range key will be couriered to you and you will be advised by e-mail. It's that simple!

Your acceptance email will include a login name to be used together with the password you created when registering to access the club's online membership system. Please keep your login details safe as you will need both login name and the password you chose at registration in the future to: Buy club membership, merchandise, courses & events, to view your account balance, renew your membership, pay online and to maintain your contact details should those change.

If you forget your login credentials, you can click on the Login button at the top left of any page of the website, and click on 'I have forgotten my username and password' and new credentials will be sent to your last email address recorded in the club membership database.

Note: All pricing shown on this website is quoted in New Zealand dollars and includes any applicable GST.  Our online trading policies may be viewed on the Terms and Conditions Page of this web site.