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ISSF – International Sports Shooting Federation


Section leader(s): Richard D & Gary P


Club Champs: Sunday 30th September 2018


The international Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) based in Munich controls shooting sports at the Olympic Games all the pistol events at the Commonwealth Games and the Oceanias. The main events are 10 meter air pistoland,  50 meter and 25 meter pistol events which require autoloaders or revolvers.


At WPC we shoot the Pistol NZ Kiwi Match which was developed as a simple precision match that can be shot at club level to develop precision shooting.


− 20 scoring shots in 4 strings of 5

− Paper Target

− 25 Meters

− Semi-auto or Revolver (single or double action)

− .22 or center-fire

− Shot from the 45 degree

− Typical time to shoot and score a match less than 30 minutes

− Up to 6 shooters at a time


A good way for beginning shooters to learn and practice the basics of:

• Stance

• Grip

• Sight alignment

• Trigger control

• Follow through


Experienced shooters enjoy the challenge of trying to keep their group inside a 50mm 

10-ring at 25 meters.


Members who currently shoot this match usually bring more than one gun and shoot several matches in the day.


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