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Items for sale


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Kriss Vector - $3450


FDE color, 9mm. E cat.

Bought from Tactical Import in June, 2018. Only test fired 47 rounds, ran perfect.

Reason for sale: Money for other project.

Package includes: The case, manual, rifle, 17rnds glock mag and a 30 rnd glock mag also.

(The reddot sight is not included).


Contact: Shane



Note: Special requirements apply for purchasing MSSA’s.


E95163EC-28EA-43F8-91D0-9E50637EDECF.jpeg DA3D9FE1-0D21-49DF-865F-21407C7F763B.jpeg





Glock 17 Gen 3 (near new) - $1,250 ono



  • Factory hard case
  • 2x magazines
  • 2x CR speed double MLE mag pouch (New in bag) (4x pouches total)
  • CR speed Model G holster
  • DAA double alpha competition belt
  • 9mm ammo


Contact the seller directly: 


Note: Special requirements apply for purchasing pistols.


E6B48C12-6FD0-40EA-BD5D-49028F713947.jpeg 949C1636-F6AA-46BB-8024-FEA71D773C22.jpeg 7EBCABA6-3199-49EB-AD56-0BA195AACE15.jpeg





Ghost IPSC Shooting Belt - $75.00 ono


New, taken out of packaging but never used
Size - 34
Colour - Blue & Black

Contact: Altamash A - (0210388774)


belt.JPG belt2.JPG