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Section Leader: Marcus W


Club Champs: Sunday 26th August 2018.


Attn: members

Due to recent changes to the range schedule, IPSC will now utilise two ranges (Ranges 3 & 4) when scheduled to reduce wait times for shooters.

There is a need for a second Action Range Officer to run the additional range.  Marcus W, IPSC section leader, would like to hear from any Action RO’s that he can call upon.

If you are interested please contact the club captain ( Training can be provided to members that are not already certified as an action RO.


International Practical Shooting Confederation

Practical shooting is a dynamic sport that awards competitors equally for accuracy, power and speed, and which is represented by the Latin phrase "Diligentia, Vis Celeritas" or DVC.

Scores are expressed in terms of Hit Factor, which is the number of points scored per second. The highest hit factor takes all the stage points and other competitors are rewarded proportionally.

Diversity is the cornerstone of our matches, we never shoot the same courses, and so the challenge always changes. The IPSC shooter is a "jack of all trades", capable of pinpoint accuracy and blazing speed.

For more information please see Pistol NZ.