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IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation


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Section Leader: Marcus W


Club Champs, what you need to know:
Set up: Saturday 8th December in the afternoon, any help appreciated.
Sign up: Sunday 9th December 9am – 9.45am
Safety briefing: 9th December 9.45am SHARP!
Lunch: BBQ provided (gold coin donations welcome but not essential)
Drinks: Some soft drinks and water will be in the chilli bin
Ranges in use: Range 1, Range 3, Range 5 Contact: Marcus W – will be wearing a bright hat on the day.
Chief RO: Marcus W will be the chief RO for the champs.
Prizes: There will be some spot prizes on the day provided by our sponsors!


International Practical Shooting Confederation

Practical shooting is a dynamic sport that awards competitors equally for accuracy, power and speed. Scores are expressed in terms of Hit Factor, which is the number of points scored per second. The highest hit factor takes all the stage points and other competitors are rewarded proportionally.


Diversity is the cornerstone of our matches, we never shoot the same courses, and so the challenge always changes. The IPSC shooter is a "jack of all trades", capable of pinpoint accuracy and blazing speed. IPSC shooting represents a new, exciting form of sport shooting and was established to promote, maintain, and advance practical marksmanship.


At WPC we have a large following for this sport and a growing interest in national level competition. If you are interested you should come along to a club day. everyone is happy to share their knowledge and get you up and running fast! Please note that you must be holster qualified before joining in as you will be required to run and gun!



For more information please see Pistol NZ.