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Cowboy Action

Section leader: Paul H


Club Champs: Sunday 25th November 2018


Video from CAS Club Champs - 05/11/17 (click here)



Cowboy Action Shooting recreates life in the Wild West by shooting a course of fire designed to depict an old west historical shootout, a movie scene or just someone's idea of the wild west.

Scores are made according to elapsed time and accuracy in hitting the targets. There is a penalty of five seconds added to your elapsed time for each missed shot, and failure to shoot and move through the stage in the specified order will also cause a time penalty. There is no advantage to missing fast.

All shooters are required to wear some form of period dress. For firearms you will need two single action revolvers, a lever action or pump action rifle (in pistol cal) and a side-by-side shotgun (without ejectors) or a model 1897-pump action shotgun. Guns must be of pre 1900 design but modern versions like Ruger, Colt clones and Norinco 97's are acceptable.

For more information please see Pistol NZ.


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