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Pistol Tuition & Training

Pistol Training Course start dates will be advised As and When the next Courses are scheduled.

Keep an eye out for Club Emails and the Club NewLetter

Note: Please bring along 50+ rounds of .22 ammunition (CCI is recommended). If you have your own eye and ear protection please bring this along also, as there are limited pairs available.  

Training is only available to Club memebers who have paid their PNZ fees.

Please register online. Members: Click the ‘Log in’ tab on the home screen.  Non members, contact:


Waiuku Pistol Club has an induction programme for new members and a safety and auditing team who will ensure you achieve the requirements of your chosen sport.

Safety is Paramount at all times and is a requirement second to none.

The training programme ensures you meet the National requirements of Pistol New Zealand, and in addition the club has Trainers who are qualified to undertake Holster Training on-site.

The Club has approved Armorers and Club Pistols.

Our training courses start approx every six weeks, please refer to our Notice Board  for the date of the next course.


Pistol Training Programme

  • Your responsibilities
  • Firearm types, SA & revolvers
  • Safe handling
  • Safety features
  • Controlling your trigger finger, it has a brain of its own!
  • Muzzle direction, the 180 degree rule
  • How to load & magazines
  • How to unload
  • How to show clear
  • Action forward
  • Trigger down
  • Bag or holster
  • How to treat and handle ammunition
  • Range commands
  • All shots must be aimed
  • Projectiles must be into the bank
  • Shooting whilst standing, prone, kneeling
  • Shooting with both hands and one hand
  • Changing hands
  • Shooting CF pistols
  • How to sight your target
  • Single shots
  • Double taps
  • Quick fire
  • How to clear a jam
  • Types of jams
  • How to field strip a pistol and clean
  • Your responsibilities
  • Range officer responsibilities
  • How to act as a Range Officer

The process to become a “B” licence club member

  • Visitors are only allowed to visit 3 times and must decide if they wish to take up the sport (NZ Police regulation). Further details re Visitors and restrictions can be found on the Visitors Page.

  • Once you have become a club member, the club Secretary will issue to you an application form (FM1) to Pistol NZ which you must sign. This enrols you as a pistol shooter with PNZ signals the start of your 6 month pistol probationary period. PNZ fee is $75.

  • This form will be sent to PNZ who will then register you as a TYRO (trainee).

  • You must then complete 12 shoots and the training program at the club during the 6 months.

  • You must also sit and pass the Club Safety and RO Exam.

  • We will also try and get you through at least 3 Service Pistol matches during your probationary period and demonstrate competency and safety in some IPSC courses of fire as well.

  • Members must not approach other clubs to sit this qualification without the permission of the Training and safety Officer.

  • When you have completed your 6 months probation, attended at least 12 shots and demonstrated competency and safety the club will run an assessment day where the club Safety and Training officer will assess your readiness for applying for your B License.

  • The Safety & Training officer will then sign off your training if satisfied you meet the standards required.

  • You may then visit your local firearms officer and obtain a form POL67f, Application for B Endorsement and complete it.

  • The form should then be submitted to the Committee through the club secretary for approval.

  • Once approved the club will send it to Pistol NZ for processing who will then return the completed form directly to you so you can then take it along with your NZPost $204 receipt and referee forms etc to your loal Arm Office.

  • You can then expect the Police to visit you to inspect your security measures.

  • Then around 4 weeks later your B licence should arrive in the mail.

  • Hoster Course Date will also be publicised and are elliglable only to members who have Completed their Tyro training.