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New members must pay a one time Joining fee (see below) $250+GST


 Annual subscriptions of:

  • Adults under age 60 $250+GST
  • Adults over age 60 $180+GST
  • Families (see note below) $300+GST
  • Associate members (see note below) $150+GST
  • Juniors under age 18 $180+GST 

Pistol NZ subscriptions (see below) $65Inc GST

Range key (see below) $20+GST

Club badge (see below) $5+GST


The subscription year runs from 1 July to 30 June

Joining fee
This is a one time fee to process your application.

Family subscriptions
This includes the member, spouse and children under age 18 living at home.

Associate members
These are members of other pistol clubs who also wish to become WPC members whilst retaining their home club membership.

Junior members
Must be under age 18 and have a firearms license.

Pistol NZ Subscriptions
These are paid only by pistol members of the WPC, does not apply to Associates.

Range key
You will have your own range key which gives to access to all range facilities.

Club badge
This badge identifies you as a club member.

Firearms license
You must already hold a minimum of an "A" endorsement on your firearms license before you will be considered elligible to join the club as a full or associate member.