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Welcome to the Waiuku Pistol Club


The Ranges will re open as of Wed 6 Oct under the following Level 3 Stage 1 conditions to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to access the ranges without breaching the Stage 1 rules


NOTE: Carefully read the following points...

  • You MUST book a time slot for your range attendance BEFORE coming to the club.
    • One member makes the booking and can then Invite 1 other member to come with them to the range.
    • The member making the booking is responsible for the other invited member and ensuring they follow the rules.
  • Only 1 Booking per week please, again to give everyone a chance
  • Do NOT just turn up and expect to use a Range
  • Numbers of members on any range NOT to exceed 2
  • Use of the range is limited to a 2hr time period so as to give all members a fair chance of using a range.
    • The times available are from 10am-11:45am, 12pm- 1:45pm, 2pm-4pm.
    • This gives a 15 min window to pack up and leave the range before the next group arrives.
    • When you arrive DO NOT enter the range until your booked time slot. 
    • Do NOT mill around the clubhouse, stay in the car park and wait until your time to access the range.
    • Sign in as usual and go straight to range.
    • Sign Out as usual and go straight to your car.
  • We will be actively Monitoring range use and making spot visits to the range to ensure compliance.
  • Mask and Distancing will be Mandatory.
  • Please do NOT share equipment while on the range
  • You MUST SCAN the QR Code sign at the Clubhouse door
  • We will endeavour to have hand sanitizer available however it would pay to bring your own just in case
  • And 1st one in please put the flags up, last one out take them down again

We also strongly recommend you get vaccinated as whilst it is not yet mandatory it looks very much like it will become the case with the Government moving toward introducing vaccination certificates before Xmas 2021.

So to stay ahead of the curve ball and ensure you're not blocked from attending activities if this is put in place .. get Vaccinated ASAP

Refer this Doc to see the process to Book your Spot





 Waiuku Pistol Club has been in existence for over 30 years at the same site. It is just about the only club in the greater Auckland area where members can fire their rifles, shotguns and pistols leisurely; or in competition. It is a pleasant 1 hour drive from downtown Auckland and is situated in a secluded and picturesque part of Waiuku close to the sea.  



We have 5 unique ranges from 25m to 100m. All ranges are certified by the NZ Police & Pistol NZ for rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting in accordance with the Range Standing Orders - which must be strictly complied with.


We operate under a Resource Consent which enables the club to be open to members from 10 am to 4 pm Wednesday to Sunday, excluding Public Holidays.

The club has over 500 members many of whom have a wealth of knowledge of firearms and are happy to provide guidance to any shooter who may have a problem with a firearm or wish to improve their shooting skills.


Shooting is a safe sport providing you follow some simple rules. It is a sport that you can participate in all your life. We have members from age 12 through to 99 (well, not quite but some of them look it!). We also have a number of families as members who shoot as a family group.




We are a family friendly club welcoming all standards, from experts through to beginners.

To find out more about our membership offering and how to join, please click on this membership link or alternatively follow the Membership dropdown menu above.



an aerial overview of the club


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